Season 2 starts March 5th!

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Soul-Players is an evolving, transportable, very silly game-show that lets small groups of people in real life play games with large groups of people on the internet!

the show is easily mobile, so we live-stream Soul-Players from as many interesting places with as many interesting people as possible.

Soul-Players is great for charity fundraisers, corporate events, private parties, and even weddings!

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Season 2 Special Guest Hosts

March 5th - Nick “ALODEON” Heaton

March 12th - Val “BINO” Heaton

March 19th - Justin “TIME TO DODGE THE” Stone

March 26th - Ricci “ATIONAL DRUG USE” Milan

April 2nd - Anna “TOMICALLY CORRECT” Miller

April 9th - Pete “MOSS” Karl

April 16th - Aaron “MY TIRES AND MY” Weiner

April 23rd - Galen “FORCE WINDS” Higgins

April 30th - Jill “YUNS OF DOLLARS” Mikelson

May 14th - Alex “YOU SOME QUESTIONS” Steele

May 21st - Mark “MY WORDS” Murphey

May 28th - Bill “YOU FOR MY SERVICES” Hallberg

June 4th - Shannon “AND ON AND ON” Pitzele

June 11th - Andy “CANE” Nagle

June 18th - Harry “UP AND GET HERE” Philibert

June 25th - Jess “CUZ I WANNA” Larson

July 2nd - Bobby “FOR APPLES” Patrick

July 9th - Nicholas “AFFI” David

July 16th - Petar “PAN” Janjic

July 23rd - Sug & Frank “THE FAMILY” Heaton